Carminda Swanepoel

Professional Photographer

Beauty can be seen in all things; seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. Life’s most precious moments is captured as images, as this defines what is most precious to us. Let me help you in capturing your life images by making life’s moments extra-ordinary.

My Life Story

My style of photography is ‘less is more’

I believe photo’s are a piece of history that needs to be captured and to keep the soul in the photo so when you look at it many years from now, you can still feel you emotion in you photo’s…

I love my job very much and get to meet very different people in my work, that make’s me happy. I did every possible photography courses I could to make sure that my clients only get’s the best quality possible. Some of my work was published in the Beeld, The PIX and other photography sites.

My love for Landscape photography also won prizes and make’s my job worth while.  I promise only the best and will make that piece of history more special…

“Nothing is more precious than being in the moment forever..”

Some of my most exiting moments
“Life is what we make it, i capture that feeling and bring it alive forever”