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Carminda Swanepoel
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August 15, 2017
by Carminda Swanepoel Admin

Creative Photographer in Mpumalanga 2017

Creative Photographer in Mpumalanga 2017

Thanks very much for each vote and for GOD who gave me an unbelievable talent I am so thankful for!

So blessed and greatfull, to each nominees and winners congratulations, was an honour competing with you. And you all look lovely!

Thanks Billy Brown for the #SWA2 function. Best one I have seen coming out of Nelspruit!

Last my Husband, Willie Swanepoel, you are my ROCK AND SUPERHERO!! Thanks. For standing with me, supporting and loving! Love you so much.

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Careminda Swanepoel; Willie Swanepoel; Lucia Orchard (2nd Princes Ms MP); Bianca Rennison (2017 Ms MP); Adelein (Finalist Miss Sunrise SA)