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  • Carminda-swanepoel_Sunrise-woman-awards-2017-creative-photography-winner
    August 15, 2017
    by Carminda Swanepoel Admin

    Creative Photographer in Mpumalanga 2017 Thanks very much for each vote and for GOD who gave me an unbelievable talent I am so thankful for! So blessed and greatfull, to each nominees and winners congratulations, was an honour competing with you. And you all look lovely! Thanks Billy Brown for the #SWA2 function. Best one I have seen coming out of Nelspruit! Last my Husband, …

  • most-creative-photographer-in-mpumalanga
    October 30, 2016
    by Carminda Swanepoel Admin

    Most creative photographer in Mpumalanga 2016 I won the award last night at the Sun Womans Award! Thanks #Sunrise_Women_Awards2016 I would like to thank my hubby for being there ALWAYS! My rock and my world! Love ya lots! My 3 kids that makes my world colourful! Love you ! Then everyone who supports me on my road! My work and so much more! …